About C:

I have been reading for clients for over 15 years and have been fortunate enough to be able to combine my insight with a caring yet direct approach. Being a life coach allows me to use my education combined with my insight to not only give accurate readings to my clients but to help them through action-oriented exercises motivating them to a better place in their lives.

Having a long history of readers and intuitives in my family has helped me harness the gift. My abilities started to show at a very young age where I was able to hear spirit (clairaudient). I then received my first tarot card deck in my early teens and began providing readings for friends and family members. I was quite scared at first not knowing if the information would be helpful or accurate, but soon I found out my readings turned out to be extremely accurate. Many of my family members and friends referred me to their friends and family and the rest is history.

I feel so very blessed to read for people all around the world. I love that my clients think of me first to help them with matters in love, business, career, money, health, etc. I always tell my clients that my readings are not solid but fluid like life. If you put in the work you get the return, so my readings always come with actionable items to complete.

As well, I do believe that you know the internal answer to any question always. As an intuitive it is only my job to hear the messages from spirit and give them to you knowing they will help you recognize the truth in yourself.

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Blessings to you,